7th June- Clean up Drive at Nemi Road, Dalawala (Near Uttarakhand Environment Protection and Pollution Control Board Office)

On 7th June, the ENVIS, Uttarakhand Environment Protection and Pollution Control Board and local NGO Waste Warriors conducted a clean-up drive in the open plots around the UEPPCB office at Nemi, Road, Dalanwala.

14 members of staff from the UEPPCB participated in the clean up along with 4 members of Waste Warriors staff and 14 volunteers. Rain delayed the start of the clean-up drive but the miserable weather did not dampen the spirits of the participants.

1105 kg’s of construction waste and 652 kg’s of non-recyclable waste was collected and loaded onto the Waste Warriors truck and sent to the official dumping ground on Sahastradhara Road. 54 kg’s of recyclables were taken to the Waste Warriors HQ for further segregation before being sent for recycling.

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ENVIS Cell, Uttarakhand Environment Protection & Pollution Control Board,
29/20, Nemi Road, Dalanwala, Dehradun-248001 (Uttarakhand).